About Us

The Kenya Elephant Forum comprises of scientists, lobbyists, tourism specialists and individuals passionate about preserving wildlife in general and the African Elephant specifically.

Who We Are.

The Kenya Elephant Forum was established in 2007. It provides a participatory platform for gathering and disseminating information to guide the formulation and implementation of policy and action for African elephant conservation and management in the context of rational and sensitive co-existence of elephants and people in shared ecosystems.

Our Mission

To ensure that elephants are saved from extinction.


Our Functions

  • Convening concerned and authoritative individuals and groups to develop policy-relevant information for decision-making at local, national and international levels;
  • Giving elephant advocacy an authoritative voice worldwide
  • Providing support to amongst others the AEC through organising and seeking support for priority actions
  • Identifying and catalysing priority actions for the sustained conservation of Kenya’s elephant populations

Kenya Elephant Forum Fact Sheet


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