Who We Are.

The Kenya Elephant Forum was established in 2007. It provides a participatory platform for gathering and disseminating information to guide the formulation and implementation of policy and action for african elephant conservation and management in the context of rational and sensitive co-existence of elephants and people in shared ecosystems.


To ensure that elephants are saved from extinction.

“Nature’s great masterpiece,
an elephant.
the only harmless great thing.”


Membership is open to individuals and organisations involved in elephant conservation and management programmes.
Participation is both in individual and institutional capacity.

  • African Wildlife Foundation
  • Amboseli Trust for Elephants
  • Conservation Kenya
  • Elephant Neighbours Centre
  • Elephant Voices
  • Gallman Foundation
  • International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
  • Ilkimpa Community Conservation Association
  • Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)
  • Maniago Safaris
  • Mt. Kenya Trust
  • Pan African Wildlife Conservation Network (PAWCN)
  • Tsavo Trust
  • Tsavo conservation Group
  • Save The Elephants
  • Stand Up Shout Out
  • Space For Giants
  • Wildlife Direct
  • Walking with Rangers
  • Youth for Conservation

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